Ethiopia has pressing challenges in the agriculture, health and education sectors. It is on this note that Gebeya invites all IT professionals, practitioners, enthusiasts and professionals across all disciplines to EthioHacks to solve these issues by leveraging leading technologies that are running the digital world today; Internet of Things (IoT) and Cryptocurrency.

The two-day hackathon will provide the attendees with a chance to network with professionals and industry leaders from different fields to collaborate and solve these challenges. Attendees will be paired in groups, with each group competing for the most ingenious concept.


  • Participants: Individuals (over 14 years in age); Teams (up to 5 participants);


Here are the guidelines to submit your project.

1) A brief description of the project that includes:

  • Problem you are trying to solve.

    • Target: social-economical description of the people that will be affected by your project

    • Dimension of the market

    • How the issue has been tackled till now

  • How you are solving the problem:

    • Solution- describe about the service/ product

    • Why your solution is innovative

    • What your solution has different from those already existing

    • What will be the impact your project will create in the country’s economy.

  • Business model proposition

    • How will the project attain financial sustainability

    • How will the project be monetized

    • Pricing and possible clients

    • Key partners for the project development

  • Strategy
    •  What’s the next step for your team?
    •  How will you validate the product/service?
    • How would you start solving the problem?


2) A presentation (Keynote, Powerpoint, Prezi) or a video with a demo. They need to be submitted online to a video-sharing or other online service that allows it to be viewed by judges without the need to download the video.

3) Any additional app, hardware/prototype, digital product etc. 

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Runner Up

Second Runner-Up

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Amadou Daffe

Amadou Daffe

Teka Cherenet

Teka Cherenet
Technical Supervisor / Gebeya

Merkeb Mengistu

Merkeb Mengistu
Director of Marketing / Gebeya

Tony Mutai

Tony Mutai
Senior Backend API Engineer / Gebeya

Egide Muhire

Egide Muhire
Sr. Mobile App Engineer / Gebeya



Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How innovative, new, or creative is the Application, Website or Service? Is it better than other solutions?
  • Impact
    Will the Application, Website or Service meaningfully impact the lives of many people within the Target Population?
  • Scalability
    How scalable is the Application, Website or Service? What percentage of the Target Population can the Application, Website or Service be made to reach? Localized or local content, and multilingual support are key sub-criteria.
  • Launch Readiness
    If it is not already, how soon can the Application, Website or Service be made available publicly (beyond limited trials and prototypes)? If the Application, Website, or Service is already publicly available, how stable and consistent is its performance?
  • Strategy
    Do you think they have a clear view of what’s going to happen next?
  • Sustainability
    How the project can be sustained? Is the business model based on third parties?
  • Team composition
    Multidisciplinary factor is key. Is the team well organized with diversified and defined roles?

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